My name is Andrew Lueker, I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Texas Lutheran University, and will be graduating with a Masters of Science in Information Science from The School of Information at The University of Texas at Austin. I specialize in Data Analytics and have running knowledge of Tableau, OpenRefine, and other data related tools. Some examples of my work are included under the projects section of this website; check them out for yourselves!
My Skill Set
In my personal experience, both academic and career related, I have found that there is often a large gap between individuals who pursue qualitative and quantitative studies. People who are good with numbers and calculations tend to have poor written and verbal communication skills, while people with good communication skills are typically not from a math related background; I feel as if I fall closer to the later half, but am familiar with several useful quantitative software such as Microsoft Excel and Tableau. To put it simply, I feel as if my unique skill set is an excellent compromise between quantitative and qualitative abilities, with an emphasis on my mastery of qualitative practices.
Why Data Analytics?
When I first came to the School of Information, I had no idea what I wanted the focus of my academic career to be. I quickly found my passion in data analytics in large part because of its correlation with my present skillset as a bridge between qualitative and quantitative. After an internship over the summer in which I collected and analyzed incoming data from an open records campaign, my love of everything data related was carved in stone.
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